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Schedule of Events and Activity Areas

Parents, teachers, and kids have questions – and the Naturally Healthy Children’s Expo will provide healthy answers!

For your convenience, many sessions are repeated both Saturday and Sunday.  Check back often for updates and additions!

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Session/Activity Area Descriptions Alphabetically

10 Herbs Every Family Should Grow - John Redden, R.H., Viriditas Herbal Products - Reading and Organic Gardening Stage
Both medicinal and culinary herbs are packed full of health benefits just waiting to be discovered.  Join herbologist John Redden as he unlocks herbs’ healthful secrets – including how you can prepare and use them to treat common childhood (and adult!) ailments.

Alternative Health Care for Your Family – Finding Solutions - Rindie Coker, D.N. – Presentation Stage
Chicago Healers Practitioner, Naprapath and Nutritionist, Rindie Coker works with neurotransmitter balancing with amino acids, allergy elimination and the re-patterning of beliefs about that “get in the way” total health. All these are effective alternatives to medication, as they tend to correct problems rather than cover them up. Ms. Coker is also a researcher in a current autism study.

Baby WearingAlice Hollowed and Giselle Barturay (assisting) - Healthy Home Stage
This session is designed to introduce people to babywearing, the practice of carrying your baby close to your body in a baby carrier. In this session, we will discuss the benefits of babywearing, as well as demonstrate how to use three styles of slings: pouch, ring sling, and soft pack carrier. If you have a baby carrier and have questions about how to use it, bring it with you and we can help. If you don't have a baby carrier, we'll have lots of carriers for you to try on in order to help you find the type of carrier that's right for you and your baby.

Before You Call the Doctor - John Redden, R.H., Viriditas Herbal Products - Healthy Home Stage
Before you pick up the phone to call the pediatrition, there are many preliminary steps a parent or care giver can take to alleviate certain childhood maladies.  Join herbologist John Redden as he takes you through simple home remedies that will help your child recover from fever, flu, stomach ailments, etc. John will also tell you when TO call the doctor!

BIG World, Small Planet Activities Area
In this interactive, amazing area, representatives from many local museums and environmental organizations will discuss the wonderful interrelationships between people, animals, the environment, and the world.  Meet animal friends, learn about the big universe and sky, discover critters you never knew existed, and have the opportunity to discuss important topics with friendly experts in a one-on-one or one-on small group setting.

Birth Options for Safer More Satisfying Birth - Jo Anne Lindberg, Childbirth Consultant, President & Founder, BirthLink Network
Having a baby involves making many critically important decisions. These decisions will effect the health and well being of baby, mother and father for a lifetime. We will cover where and with whom you can birth your baby and what the implications of the different options may be. Learn about the importance of gentle undisturbed birth, immediate bonding and long term breastfeeding. Optimize your chances of having a safer more satisfying birth. Are you aware of your options?

Bring "More Positive Foods" to Schools
Greg Christian, Chicago's Conscious Caterer and founder of the Organic School Project (OSP), will  discuss OSP's mission  and  its  programming within Chicago land .  Greg will inform audience on the term, More Positive Foods™ and how they can be easily incorporated into meals and snacks, at  both home and school.   "More Positive Foods" is the term OSP uses to classify the foods they serve in schools, whole foods, or foods defined as those without additives, preservatives, hormones, pesticides and other chemicals and/or the less machine - touched foods possible.) - Greg Christian, Chicago's Conscious Caterer and founder of the Organic School Project - Healthy Kitchen Stage

Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, M.D. Home First Health Services - Focus Session Area
At the vaccine seminar Dr. Eisenstein brings his knowledge as a physician, public health doctor and attorney to help educate you on this very important subject. He discusses the pros and cons of childhood vaccinations, the Illinois law with respect to vaccines, and medical and religious waivers for vaccines. Unlike most other physicians, he feels parents have a right to be involved in the final decision about vaccinating their children.

Eat Well for Less - Laura Bruzas, Healthy Dining Chicago - Healthy Kitchen
Food is the second biggest expense for families! Gather expert tips on how to shave your grocery bill, eat healthfully in less time and for less money and stock your pantry so you can prepare delicious and nutritious meals any time of day. Find out what kitchen must-haves are needed to make healthy cooking fast and easy and take away lots of free, informative charts and handouts! This talk is organic and local friendly.  

Energy Healing for Indigo and Crystal Children - Robert Taub, MBA - Chicagohealers.com - Focus Session Area
Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer and Author Robert Taub will describe cases in which his unique style of healing was effective with migraines, depression and autoimmune dysfunction in children. Robert will also talk about “vision questing” – the restoration of children’s natural life path vision.

Feeding Your Child’s Brain - Dr. Tom O’Bryan, D.C., L.C.C. - Presentation Stage
Chicago Healers Practitioner, Dr. O’Bryan will review the impact foods have on the development and ongoing function of the brain. Scientists have known for decades that foods can enhance or diminish the brains ability to think clearly. What we give our children to eat will either help them learn or inhibit their ability to learn. Dr. Bryan will address, 1) How food affects your child's brain, 2) Food Allergies and Behavior Problems, 3) Smart eating to increase IQ and performance, 4) Feeding your brain on the run, 5)Top 10 nutrients for a healthy brain.

Fun, Fitness and Music Stage
Lots going on in the area throughout both days! Join us for sing alongs, dance alongs, yoga, exercise, music, movement, and fun as children are encouraged to express themselves with exhuberance, or quiet reflection.  Check back for scheduled artists, musicians, and sessions.

Give Birth At Home With the Homebirth Advantage - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, M.D. Home First Health Services - Focus Session Area
With Cesarean-Section rates exceeding 30%, many women are turning to homebirth. Learn how you and your family can safely participate in physician attended homebirth. Since 1973 the Homefirst® physicians have delivered over 14,000 babies to women who have desired to have their babies in the comfort of their home. Dr.Eisenstein will also discuss how the present American obstetrical system has plunged us to last place among the top 30 industrial nations.

Good Clean Fun - Panel discussion - Rebecca Reynolds, Green Clean, Moderator – Healthy Home Stage -
Ever wonder what is lurking in the bottles of your cleaning products? Come find out during this informative and fun presentation. We'll tell you the dangers of traditional chemical cleaners, give you the inside scoop on the hidden definition on each bottle, and teach you how to make cleaning fun with simple tips, tricks and recipes.

Grandparent's Rock N'Roll Zone -
This special area will feature plenty of seats, lots of toys, and a carpeted area where kids can play on the floor while caregivers rock (in rocking chairs), relax, and watch their little ones!

Green Fashion Show!- Rebecca Reynolds, Green Clean– Healthy Home Stage

The Healthy Home - Panel discussion - Rebecca Reynolds, Green Clean – Moderator - Healthy Home Stage
Is your home making you and your family sick? With rising numbers of asthma, allergies, cancer, and childhood illnesses, many linked to indoor air quality, it's time to learn what's lurking in your home that could be hazardous to your health. Find out from the experts about what the biggest culprits are, and ways in which to protect your family from these hidden dangers.

Healthy Mindset Creates a Healthy Body: Dr. Helen Lee, D.C., Chicagohealers.com - Presentation Stage
Growing up, children are met with so many challenges including what and how to think about the world, life, and themselves. What they choose to believe now can shift and set up the perspective of how they view their life. Find out how what you think affects your body & health 100% and what simple, essential steps you and your family can take to create a healthier mindset and life. It begins from within.

Holistic Approach to Allergy and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Dr. Harry G. Hong  Ph.D. OMD. L.Ac. Dr. Harry G. Hong  Ph.D. OMD. L.Ac. - Presentation Stage
Both allergy and ASD children are sensitive kids. They share a common root problem, which is the toxin and leaky gut. In his talk, Dr. Harry Hong will review the up-to-date medical research and introduce a holistic model to cover both allergy and ASD. His approach includes a state-of-the-art energetic allergy testing, allergy desensitization, homeopathic detoxification and digestive support. His program is non-invasive and has successfully helped many allergy and ASD children

A Holistic Approach to Colic - Dr. K.M. Hedayat, AromaMD - Presentation Stage
Dr. Hedayat, a board certified pediatrician and critical care doctor, will have an interactive presentation on a holistic approaches to colic. Dr. Hedayat will discuss different causes of colic and how to avoid them. He will also discuss inexpensive, easy to use and effective methods to dealing with colic, including aromatherapy, massage, herbals, and dietary changes.

Holistic Dentistry and Ortho Intervention - Dr. Tereau Pearson, D.D.S. – Presentation Stage
Chicago Healers Practitioner, Dr. Tereau Pearson will present state of the art information on dentistry, holistic dentistry and ortho intervention, as well as the importance of cranial or other types of alignment to prevent ortho problems.

Holistic Dentistry for Children - Dr. John Rothchild, D.D.S. – Presentation Stage
Chicago Healers Practitioner, Dr. John Rothchild will speak on holistic dentistry for children and discuss issues that will include the mercury issue, the fluoridation issue, and what materials are generally safe and biologically sound to put in children’s mouths.

Holistic Parenting in a Mainstream WorldNancy Massotto, Holistic Mom's Network - Healthy Home Stage
More and more parents are turning to natural and holistic living to raise happy, healthy children even though it means parenting “differently”. Join us for an interactive discussion of the cornerstones of holistic parenting and to learn more about the value of connecting with other like-minded parents.  

How Factory Farms Affect the EnvironmentKaren Hudson, Grace Family Farm Project and Helen Reddout, Community Association for Restoration of the Environment (CARE) Healthy Kitchen
Karen Hudson and Helen Reddout will speak on the impacts of factory farming, public health implications, and current research regarding this issue. They will offer solutions such as the Precautionary Principle and guidelines to audience members that will help to promote healthful and sustainable communities and a safe nutritious food supply.

How To Possibly Replace Your Prescription Medication with Natural Pharmaceuticals - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, M.D. Home First Health Services - Focus Session Area
An industry data analyst firm, estimates that 3,340,000,000 outpatient prescriptions were written in 2002. This is an average of 10 prescriptions per year for every woman, man and child in America. Dr. Eisenstein will show you how frequently natural pharmaceuticals can be as effective as prescription drugs without the side effects. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Acid Reflux, and Heartburn, are problems, leading to a decrease in quality of life. Dr. Eisenstein will tell you that often these conditions can be treated with Natural remedies enabling you to avoid pharmaceuticals and their accompanying side effects.

Keeping a Healthy Immune System – Ph Balanced Nutrition for Kids - Dr. Hugh Jenkins, N.D. ChicagoHealers.com - Presentation Stage
Our children’s immune systems are being compromised by the American Diet. Because children are not getting the proper, balanced nutrition, they are developing adult diseases – diabetes, arthritis, obesity.  Learn how to boost your child’s immune system naturally through Ph balancing in your children’s diet – and yours!  It’s easy!

Keep On The GrassPanel discussion – Rebecca Reynolds, Green Clean Moderator – Healthy Home Stage
You can have a beautiful lawn with out compromising your family or pet's health. Learn the truth about how chemical applications affect your lawn, and pose a danger to the health of our environment, our families, and our pets. Come learn how to turn damaged lawns into the talk of the neighborhood the natural way.

Mother's Quiet Room
Here, moms can feed their babies, change diapers, and find a bit of quiet time during the Naturally Healthy Children's Expo.  Comfortable seating and changing stations are available.

Natural, Healthy Kitchen
In this demonstration and discussion area, learn about healthy food and your family.  Chefs and celebrities will make their favorite easy, healthy snacks for kids.  Experts will discuss how locally produced, seasonal food is not only good for you but also good for the environment.  Special sessions will show kids how to make good food for their families.  Check back often for the complete schedule!  

Nutrition That NurturesPanel discussion – Rebecca Reynolds - Green Clean, Moderator – Healthy Home Stage
What you feed your family really does effect their health. Are you confused by the maze of nutritional information countered by the allure of the junk food commercials? Maybe you fear that a change to better eating will send your family to hording boxes of Ho Ho’s. Never fear, the Nutritionist is here to show you the inside scoop to getting your kids to eat better, and like it.

Organic Farmer's Market
Join us as midwest farmers bring their fresh produce and products to the NHC Expo.  You can purchase just picked fruit and vagetables, home made baked goods and condiments, and fresh flowers and herbs.  SPECIAL BONUS - children will learn where their food actually comes from when they see the busy bees in the traveling bee hive and the mama chickens, their chicks, and eggs hatching before their eyes.  Also, see the sheep, the wool, and the spinning wheel!

Painless Allergy Testing for Kids - Dr. Martha Howard, M.D. - Presentation Stage
Chicago Healers Practitioner, Dr. Martha Howard will speak on the all too common struggle of allergies and allergy testing for kids. Not many families know that there is painless allergy testing available. Computerized stress testing allows you to test for allergies to over 14,000 items and the testing is pain free! This computerized testing helps discern what foods, chemicals, allergens, or infections are causing your childes problems, which can include physical, emotional and behavioral reactions. Dr. Howard will also discuss natural solutions to these problems - Preventive and Integrative Medicine; Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbs); Environmental Medicine (Allergies, Toxic exposures); and Sound therapy (more advanced than ultrasound) for soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, allergies, and many other problems.

Raising Healthy Heroes - Dr. Richard Visser, Simply Toddler, LLC - Presentation Stage
Dr. Richard Visser is widely regarded as one of the most respected and knowledgeable researchers, educators and activists working at the forefront of the battle against childhood obesity on a global level. Obesity is already shortening average life spans, this being the first generation of children in U.S. history to live less healthful and shorter lives than their parents.

Dr.Visser’s deep understanding of the biological, sociological and psychological factors surrounding the prevalence of this disease has enabled him to break the code of childhood obesity and has led him to develop innovative and exciting new ways to communicate, motivate and intervene with kids, producing what promises to be the first clearly effective deterrents to this rising and tragic epidemic.
Dr. Richard Visser, Simply Toddler, LLC - Presentation Stage

Reading and Organic Gardening Stage
Lots going on in this wonderful area!  Reading enriches children's lives, and regularly scheduled guests will read their favorite children's tales throughout Saturday and Sunday.  Check back often to see who is reading.  Then, visit a worm farm and learn why worms play an important part in the life of a garden or farm.  Plant organic seeds to grow a windowsill friend for the coming fall and winter months.  See how an unhealthy environment can damage the food we eat.  Learn why the fruit and vegetables that look perfect may not be the best for you to eat.  Meet the garden creatures that keep our gardens and farms healthy.  Enjoy!

Socially Responsible Investing: Ensuring Your Money Does No Harm - While Ensuring Future Promise - Dayne Cannova & Lester Blair, Blair Capital Investment - Presentation Stage
Socially Responsible Investing - SRI's - tend to invest in companies that are conscious of labor rights, ecological issues, and animal rights, and forego foreign investments in countries that are politically unstable. While it is commonly thought that SRI's yield low returns, this session will explain how social responsibility and prosperity can go hand-in-hand. Various SRI funds will be explained and examined, and your questions about SRI's will be answered. As the demand for SRI increases, this session, presented by Dayne Cannova and Lester Blair of Blair Capital Investors, will dispel the myth of low return Socially Responsible Investing. While all investments have some degree of risk, the only difference between SRI and other funds is that SRI is increasing in demand and can still achieve is the “double bottom line” of high-returns and social responsibility. 

Stroller Parking - Use your strollers - or not! Stroller parking avaiblable.

Syndrome X, precursor to heart disease -Dr. John M. Ventura, DC,DABCO, Wholefood Farmacy
Syndrome X, also known as metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes is felt to be a precursor to much of heart disease. A hallmark feature of Syndrome X is insulin resistance, the inability of your body cells to respond appropriately to insulin. It may also include abnormal levels of fats, obesity and high blood pressure. When all of these conditions occur together, we have syndrome X. Our typical diets, filled with highly refined sugars and saturated fats, can lead to the development of Syndrome X. And changing our lifestyles, which includes what we eat, how we eat, how we live, can significantly reduce our risk of developing syndrome X and its consequences. You can take control to feel better physically and mentally.

Teaching Children to Love Gardening - Scott Meyer, Editor In Chief, Organic Gardening Magazine - Organic Gardening Stage

Their Family to Yours – the Family Farm Approach to Feeding YOUR Family - Jim Slama, Sustain USA and Family Farmed – Healthy Kitchen Stage
"Feed your family good, nutritious, fresh and unprocessed food and they grow strong and healthy. In Chicago, we are fortunate to have access to this kind of food provided by families who share these same values. Jim Slama, founder of FamilyFarmed.org will share the fun involved in understanding where your food comes from and how to find and buy the best locally grown food for your family."

Teachersclick here to learn more about the NHC Expo’s special field trip day Friday, October 5, 2007.  



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