The Good News this Month at NHC Expo

- Announcing Exhibitor and Key Buyer Mix and Mingle Party Friday Evening, October 5
- Can't Exhibit? You Can Still Participate, Announcing the NHC Natural Resource Center
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- Learn More About the Naturally Healthy  Children's Expo...

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Mix and Mingle Party Announced for Friday Evening, Oct. 5

To enjoy the community and meet and talk with each other and key buyers, a special Mix and Mingle Party will be held Friday evening, Oct. 5, from 5-7PM on the NHC Expo exhibit floor. Exhibitors, sponsors, media, and key buyers will have the chance to sample delicious organic food and drink, enjoy mellow entertainment, and hopefully explore new business opportunities in a relaxed environment. This will be a great close to the activities of Field Trip Day, and a great opening to the Naturally Healthy Children's Expo. If you exhibit, you're invited!!

Natural Resource Center at NHC Expo Announced

We realize that sometimes, taking a booth at the NHC Expo isn't possible. Maybe you sell only via the internet, or the scheduling doesn't work because of family or work obligations. Maybe travel and exhibiting expenses are just too much right now, or you are a small company just starting and you need the exposure. Maybe you have a busy restaurant, or you're a practitioner or massage therapist and can't spare the time. To help you, we've developed the NHC Natural Resource Center, a big wall with literature racks prominently featuring your product brochures/restaurant menus/lists of services. The NHC staff will cheerfully stock the wall with your 8.5 x 11" one page brochures throughout the Expo. NHC families can peruse the racks and pick the brochures that interest them. This is great exposure at little investment - cost is $250 (plus shipping.) See the Natural Resource Center Contract in the exhibitor's section of our web site.

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